Chuck’s best moments of 2020

It wasn’t an easy month. Not by any means. External drive collapse. Broken ankle. COVID. No, I didn’t have COVID, but I definitely had the other two things.

So as I personally wish a big eff ewe to 2020, I do want to say that there were actually some great moments this year. Great personal achievements, those moments that kept 2020 from being a total shitshow.

Let’s count ’em down.

10. During my convalescence and time away from the world, I made my own pillow. Nothing major, just a throw pillow with the “Alliance for Progress” imagery. Just another dose of creativity triumphing over inactivity.

9. Oh yeah, and I also took several old mineral water bottles, soaked off the labels, and created my own memo board. Well, it’s not like I can get the 5c deposits back on the bottles.

8. During my convalescence, I was able to compile my decade of Collarworld stories, and turn them into my second self-published project. That’s right, the adventures of Vincent, Paisley, Butterscotch, Bismarck, the Carissima Hamsters, and all the rest are now in a published book. Whee.

7. Although the Albany Patroons’ season was cut short due to COVID, I did receive my personal championship ring. That’s right, Chuck’s got his second basketball-related championship ring (the first coming with the NBL Canada’s 2014 Windsor Express), and it fits just nice. Just as important as earning my Patroons championship ring, was the night my son Kris joined me for a Patroons game. How cool is it when a father and son have the best seats in the Armory for a Patroons match?

6. I didn’t get out as much as I wanted to regarding photos, but this time-slice shot of the Jericho Drive-In marquee is definitely a saver for Competition Season 2021. And while COVID-19 wiped out most of my Competition Season photos, the Big E did have a special online competition – which this photo claimed a BEST IN CATEGORY. First ever “best in” since The AGFA Bridge over Ansco Lake snagged a BEST IN CATEGORY in 2013 at Durham.

5. Although my external hard drive crashed, taking with it a decade of my work product, McGreevy Pro Lab was able to restore a copy of every photo I ever submitted to them for printing in a competition. Essentially, all my best photos were recovered and can be re-generated as needed. Whew.

4. This Cameo “rent a famous person for a birthday greeting” thing worked out nicely for me this year, in that while my son Kris was undergoing some surgery, I sent him a Cameo of RuPaul’s Drag Race star Shangela to help him through his surgery and recovery.

3. My latest modification / artwork phase – taking old drive-in speakers and modding them into waycool functional artworks. This one, that re-imagines the old Mohawk Drive-In in Colonie, later sold for big bucks at Historic Albany Foundation’s BUILT charitable auction.

2. The Capital District Photo Regionals were held this year, and two of my photos – Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night and After the Rainwere exhibited in the final show AND received Honorable Mention awards!!!!

1. 35 years after I did my last college radio show as a Hamilton College student, I’m back and doing radio as a Hamilton College alumni. And doing these shows … man, it feels so wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, 2020 was about as useful as a football bat. But there were moments in that morass that actually turned out well for your man.

And hopefully, 2021 will improve on that.

We shall see. 😀