I told you you should have run for President, Keith Olbermann…

So about four years ago, I wrote a blog post in which I suggested that political / sports genius Keith Olbermann should step fully into the political world and run for President. Here’s a link to the original blog post.

And to his credit, Keith Olbermann was a good sport about it, quoting the classic Lyndon Johnson line about not wanting to seek another term in office.

And I appreciated the retweet, so there’s that.

Since 2016, however, Keith has ping-ponged between various media outlets. For a while, he was hosting The Resistance, a collaboration with GQ magazine. Then he left that to join ESPN for a time. Then he and ESPN parted ways. Trust me, Keith Olbermann has stints on ESPN like Billy Martin had stints as the Yankees manager.

Oh, and I should note that he’s been an advocate for shelter pet adoption, often using his Twitter feed as an opportunity to promote the rescue and adoption of animals in shelters and humane societies. Good on him.

Last week, Keith started up his new YouTube channel, with the tagline “The Worst Person in the World,” where he would give a 15-minute video overview of the worst person in the world that day, followed by some headlines.

For example, here’s last Monday’s “Worst Person in the World” take.

Yowtch. That’s classic Keith Olbermann, skewering hypocrisy with equal doses of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite.

Now I should let you know that Keith Olbermann is either a “love him or hate him” kind of guy. You either love him or you hate him. I don’t hate him. But some people do. Heck, one of my Facebook friends attacked Keith for his latest commentary as if he had dared to raise the middle finger upon her visage. I suggested that if she had a problem with Keith Olbermann’s commentary, that perhaps she should look at the commentary of Kellyanne Conway, of Dan Bognino, of Charlie Kirk, of any number of Trump sychopants. She responded by unfriending me and blocking me. Oh, darn, my feelings are so hurt… moving on.

Anyway, someone else was rather bothered by Keith Olbermann’s most recent project.

That would be U.S. Senator Mitt Romney.

Here’s what Romney tweeted yesterday.

If you’re having trouble reading his stretched-out Arial small caps font here, let me decipher it for you. Romney’s upset about what he claims is spirited debate being trampled by hate-filled responses. He starts off by castigating Donald Trump for referring to Nancy Pelosi as “Crazy,” to Kamala Harris as a “Monster,” etc. At the same time, he then turns around and castigates Keith Olbermann for daring to call the President a “Terrorist.”

Wait, did Keith Olbermann suddenly decide to run for political office and only Mitt Romney was aware of this?

Well … you know who found out about this little hissy fit Mitt Romney had?

I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

And as soon as he could fire up his video camera, Keith Olbermann completely fleeced Romney.

Sheared him like a sheep.

And think about this for a second. As Olbermann says in his commentary, if Romney thinks that Olbermann is the fourth most powerful Democrat out there … hoo boy. Who’s the fifth most powerful Democrat out there, Mitt? John Oliver? Trevor Noah? Claire McCaskill?

And you know what this all does, Mitt? Certainly you’ve heard of the Streisand Effect. I bet with your little commentary, you’ve given Keith Olbermann about 10,000 new subscribers to his YouTube channel. Hey, let’s go further, Mitt, say something bad about me. I mean, all those times where I suggested that Ann Coulter has a face that could stop a sundial? Or whether one of the prerogatives of working in the White House was having an affair with Hope Hicks? Or that Brad Parscale’s latest TV appearance was as “shirtless double-leg tackled suspect” on a low-budget episode of COPS?

But hey, you be Mitt. Make everybody think you’ve grown a spine and a backbone, because you voted to impeach Trump. And in a few days, you’ll go lockstep into shoehorning Amy Coney Barrett into the Supreme Court, and then just watch she helps turn The Handmaid’s Tale into a current event.

I’m telling you, Keith, you should have run for President in 2016. Maybe it’s too late for a Presidential run in 2020, but come on, it’s never too late for 2024.

Or at least you can dust off your Lyndon Johnson response four years after you commented about my blog.