Sawzall there is to that…

I know I’m violating every single tenet of Christmas. You don’t tell the giftee the exact item they’re getting for Christmas. You might mention that you’re getting something, maybe offer a nebulous clue or a sly riddle, let them stew over it until the 25th of December, then watch their eyes when they open the gift and wait for the obligatory “How did you know?” or “Just what I wanted,” or something equivlent.

Of course, it also helps when that person posts a request on social media, making it very easy for you to find out what they really want. Ha.

Which is what happened when my son Kris posted this little message on Facebook.

Well, it can’t be that easy.

Apparently my son has developed brand loyalty. I’m good with brand loyalty. Long-time readers know this of me.

We now pause for these messages.

And we’re back. 😀

So I immediately messaged Kris, saying, that I didn’t think a sawzall was a safe item for him to own. At the same time, I’m running price comparisons on Amazon, looking for deals on a DeWalt reciprocating saw. Ah, the fine art of misdirection. This is fun.

But, yeah, after giving Kris some self-harm grief that would have equated with owning “an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time” that could shoot yer eye out, I eventually confessed that a 20-volt reciprocating saw – DeWalt brand – was on its way to Washington State. Besides, I didn’t want his gift getting poached off the porch by some Christmas grinch.

Yeah, sometimes Christmas comes early. And sometimes you don’t have to wait for some fat dude to shimmy himself down the chimney.

Besides, when it comes to projects, Kris has developed the Miller artistic trait of being a bit of a Craftsman.

Yeah, you saw what I did there. 🙂