Tulsi Gabbard is a useless TERF. Pass it on.

I have no use for Hawai’i State Representative Tulsi Gabbard. Her politics are so far away from the Democratic party, I would swear she probably has a red elephant tattooed on her bicep.

Rep. Gabbard has recently announced her support of a new bill, H.R. 8932, also known as the “Protect Women’s Sports Act.” The description of the bill works like this. “To provide that for purposes of determining compliance with title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 in athletics, sex shall be determined on the basis of biological sex as determined at birth by a physician.”

What the bill says is that if you are a trans person participating in a collegiate sport, you have to participate as part of your pre-trans gender, or your school loses Title IX funding.

Wow. What you have here is a bill that clearly and unequivocally discriminates against trans people.

And Tulsi Gabbard just went full-bore in support of it.

Ugh. Seriously, ugh. Essentially, Tulsi Gabbard is claiming that trans people enter gender-based sports so that they can “sandbag” against their opponents. Oh, John is an okay soccer player, but if he claims to be a trans woman named “Joanne,” then the women’s soccer team gets a new player and the women’s soccer team goes to the championships, right? That’s the only reason why trans people change their sex? To win sporting events?

Trans people already have enough prejudice surrounding their lives, they don’t need more dumped onto them.

This is the same horseshit that people use for that “natural order” argument. Screw that.

No, it’s not “common sense,” and shame on you for saying so. A trans person does not have to justify their existence. And they shouldn’t be treated as some sort of homo inferiorus.

So let’s call the truth. Tulsi Gabbard is a TERF.

And a TERF, blog readers, is an acronym for “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist,” a person who believes the argument of equal rights for women excludes trans women. Why is that? Tell me, Tulsi, why is that? What is it about trans people that gives you such turmoil?

Or do you think that every male basketball player that’s thirsty for a championship ring is going to put on some falsies and try to join the WNBA? Trust me, they’ve already done a movie about it and it’s got about a 10% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yeah, for Tulsi Gabbard to put her name on this absolutely reprehensible bill shows her contempt and disdain for trans people. Because you know who trans people are? They’re people. And they’re sick and tired of being treated like they’re not full people.

Shame on you, Tulsi Gabbard, for sponsoring such a misogynistic bill.

I guess it’s true. You must have been gender-assigned as a Republican. Ugh.