So did my 70mm “Force” project work?

Background. I have a canister of 20-year-old expired Kodak Portra 160NC film. It’s 70mm wide, which means that the only camera in my arsenal that can handle it is my AGFA Clipper Special f/6.3, which takes 616 (also known as 70mm) film.

Last week, I packed a strip of the film in the AGFA, and did a few photo tests. Nothing major, I just wanted to see if the film was useable.

Friday night, my pro lab contacted me. Film is ready for pickup.

I snagged eight images, and after some photo manipulation of the highlights and such, these were the best of the batch.

Okay. Observational notes.

This film has a nasty color shift. Hey, you would have a nasty color shift if you were 20 years past your expiration date, so stop kvetching.

That being said, I was able to get useable images out of this. So I’m good with this.

Now would I use this to shoot a wedding? No.

Would I use this for a portrait shot? No.

Would I use it for some experimental images, maybe fooling around with long exposures and such? You know it.

So I’ve got about 15 feet of this film left. Enough to wind it for some spools and see what happens.

In other words, I think I can get something tasty out of this.

We shall definitely see.