I’m gonna take my sneakers to the Old Town Road…

You remember Lil Nas X, don’t you? The rapper that came up with that ultra-catchy earworm song from a couple of years ago, “Old Town Road?” Yeah, thought you did. Now that song’s stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

Well, apparently Lil Nas X, in collaboration with a Brooklyn-based art collective, MSCHF, has purchased over 650 Nike Air Max 97’s and restyled them as “Satan Shoes.”

I kid you not.

Satan Shoes.

A little background. A couple of years ago, MSCHF made a set of “Jesus Shoes,” a sneaker line of all-white kicks with a crucifixion medallion and I N R I on the back spine. They sold out instantly.

In fact, all 666 pairs of the red-black Satan Shoes – complete with a pentagram medallion and a drop of human blood on the tongue – sold out instantly.

Now, mind you, this is a shoe line where MSCHF purchased the shoes in bulk and modified them. But that didn’t stop other people from going absolutely apeshit and blaming Nike for this – simply because the Nike swoosh was all over the sneaker.

Now we get into this strange area here. Is Nike responsible for what happens to their shoes after someone purchases them? And for that matter, what do you do when you’re confronted with the opportunity to purchase one of these – or if you see someone who owns a pair? Do you try to throw holy water on his feet? Do you try take their shoes off and bring them to a church for penance?

You know what – I’m going to let someone with a better opinion than me talk about this little issue.

Stepping aside and letting my son Kris take the microphone.

It’s all yours.


no it has to do with people being whiny asses about satan… pffffft. Your God Gave you free will. People act like asses then blame it on the devil as if he made them ignorant. Talk about love thy neighbor, except if they’re LGBTQI because it causes them to stand at pride parades and preach damnation to a bunch of people like their religion is the only one that exists on earth and they need to fckn stuff it down everyone’s throat.

Anyways: If this man bought those sneakers and embroidered all that shit on there and 666 people want his preowned etch a sketch satan shoes with the pentagram key chain on the laces you cant tell him otherwise. Once it became his there is no law that says he has to resale your shoes non modified.

Now….Think about this. In the 90s there was a HUGE black market for, I shit you not ,sneakers . So this guy designs some Newport shoes. Knock off Nikes. So this dude who’s Menthol 10s are pretty much the most gorgeous of 90s kicks alive. He makes these and gets sued by Newport then Nike had to pop in and kick him while he was down because his shit looked in the likeness of nikes. Patentened logos and shoe designs. That’s right. However: beyond nike ruining some of the most amazing shoes ever.

Think about this. Most monotheistic religions think of heaven and hell and yes the devil is alive and kicking, follow me really quick. You have a gay POC giving the devil a lap dance. The people make up all communities. Especially minority conservatives (latinx asian etc) Catholics, Christians, Baptist, Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormons, etc all have 1 thing in common. The last place where they want to see the devil associated with? Their clothes. Do you know where to hit them where it hurts? Piss off the craziest base of humans? Piss off the largest business in the world? Religious leaders come in all forms. And this is literally I I love his new song 🙂

Oh, yeah, apparently Lil Nas X has a new song, the one Kris refers to. It’s no “Old Town Road,” but then again, what is?

So yeah, if you want to get offended over a pair of shoes, that’s on you. But go yell at MSCHF. Nike didn’t make those “Satan Shoes.” they just made red-black 97’s.

But then again … if there are people screaming to have these shoes removed from society …

Doesn’t that count as “cancel culture”??