Rebel Wilson hosts a dog-grooming competition show. I’m good with this.

First off, I think Rebel Wilson is funny as hell. She’s got a snarky, self-deprecating sense of humor, and she can turn on the glam and the charm in an instant as needed.

In 2019, Rebel Wilson hosted a competitive dog grooming TV show in her native Australia, a program called – yes – Pooch Perfect. Here’s a teaser for the show.

And when someone alerted me that she was taking Pooch Perfect to the United States, well … I had to see how this would play out.

Trust me, there are no limits in terms of competition “specialty” shows out there. Hell, last year I was hooked on LEGO Masters, the competition show that features teams that build various structures out of those little plastic blocks. And I just finished binge-watching the second season of Blown Away, a competition series that features glass-blowers.

So here’s what we get with Pooch Perfect. Competitive dog grooming. Teams of two will compete every week, as they turn scroungy mutts and hounds into canine works of art. They’ll use clippers and shears and canine-safe dyes to take these ordinary mongrels and turn them into head-turning eye candy.

And Rebel Wilson – who, by the way, comes from a long line of dog groomers herself – is there to host and comment and crack about twenty different pooch-puns throughout the broadcast.

Plus, there’s at least one New York-based team in the competition, a duo who operate the Laundromutt groomers in Buffalo. Gotta root for the home town team, don’tcha know.

I watched the first episode last night, and – yeah, it was cute, it was funny, and it had all the usual tropes of a competition elimination show. You know, the competition that gives one team immunity, the focus on internal and external struggles, the backstories about contestants surviving great personal challenges, all of that.

And then you get the doggos. I mean, they’re the cute doggos you would normally see in shows like this – poodles and schnauzers and Afghan wolf hounds and stuff like that. Haven’t seen Lassie yet. No sign of Benji. Or the Littlest Hobo. Maybe in a future episode. We shall see.

Still, Pooch Perfect is a nice little one-hour diversion, it’s uplifting and cute. And Rebel Wilson, as host and executive producer, is still drop-dead funny as hell.

But you know what we need? A crossover episode. Pooch Perfect meets that other popular competition show, Forged in Fire.

I can see the episode now. FIF host Grady Powell explains to his competitors … “Bladesmiths, you will design a ladder pattern Damascus blade in your signature style, which will be used to trim and shave the coat and fur on a Shih Tzu.”

Or maybe a cross-episode with LEGO Masters, where the brick-builders now have to create some sort of LEGO-based obstacle course for the stylized canines to charge through. Yeah, that would be fun.

Pooch Perfect airs Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.