A possible puff of smoke from OnwardMobility?

Recap. As I’ve previously blogged, I’m holding onto my BlackBerry KEYone cell phone for dear life. It’s four years old, and my cell phone carrier – Verizon – is rumbling that it may cull this phone and all other BlackBerry phones from their available operating network by the end of 2022.

At the same time, other cell phone carriers are bricking their BlackBerries, or making it impossible to load BlackBerry phones like the Passport or the Q10 on their networks. They’re eliminating the 2G and 3G networks that BlackBerry existed upon, and essentially they’re doing the equivalent of dumping RoundUp on the BlackBerry berry patch. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the brand new 5G BlackBerry phone with the physical keyboard, which has been touted by a new phone manufacturer named OnwardMobility. Originally there were plans to release this phone to both government and consumers by early 2021, but that hasn’t happened.

But there may be a glimmer of hope. And that hope came from a report from the YouTube channel TechOdyssey, whose host has been keeping everybody apprised about what’s happening behind the curtains at OnwardMobility. And although OnwardMobility did require TechOdyssey to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and that there are still things that TechOdyssey can’t say about the phone …

There is some hope.

Essentially, TechOdyssey is reporting that OnwardMobility did design a BlackBerry 5G phone, but BlackBerry asked them to make changes to the unit. So they’re still tuning it up. So it exists.

But when it will arrive … and when it can be used … and how soon one of these little treasures will land in my hands … I still do not know.

But if what TechOdyssey says is true …

Then OnwardMobility is just being diligent and making sure we get the best possible BlackBerry phone we can.

And trust me when I say this. When I own a phone, I use it for as long as possible. I had a 7803(c) BlackBerry for nearly five years before it finally bit the dust. I could still power up my old Q10 and use it as a dedicated video camera or second shooter photo phone. I don’t get rid of my Berries.

And that’s why I’m holding on for as long as possible to my KEYone … at least until I can upgrade to a newer BlackBerry, once it is created.

That’s right. A BlackBerry, complete with security and functionality.

All right, TechOdyssey. We see a puff of white smoke from your towers.

Now bring us the equivalent of John Paul III.

Make it so.