Hey, Scammers – I’ve got itches in my pants!

Ah, it never ceases to amaze me. The scammers will call any day or night, hoping to get me hooked into purchasing some extended vehicle warranty that’s worthless, or they’ll try to sucker me into a vacation to the sunny shores of Utica.

One of the tactics these scammers will employ is to have a pre-recording intro, often made by some sweet-sounding actress, to convince you to stay on the line just a little longer, in the hopes that you will talk to one of their customer service representatives (real ones) and cough up your cash.

They’ll ask you a question, and then they’ll expect you to say, “Yes,” or “Sure,” or “Of course,” and they’ll respond in kind.

That’s assuming that you say “yes,” or “sure,” or “of course.”

And you know that I didn’t say that.

No, I said this.

So unless the “vehicle services specialist” is going to offer some sort of talcum powder or lotion for those affected areas on your body … then you know that this spambot is just a scammer with nothing better to do with theirselves.

Again … spambots are scammers, and scammers are scum. Throw rocks at them.