OnwardMobility’s taking pre-order information for the new BlackBerry!

It’s 4:00 in the morning, and i just checked my BlackBerry KEYone phone to see if anything happened in the world last night. Couple of e-mails, oh wait… someone sent me a message through the contact info in my blog.

Okay, let’s see what’s going on.

Appreciate your postings and viewpoint on the new Blackberry under OnwardMobility. Wasn’t sure if you saw, there’s a sign up page for the wait list now. Google search results show it was posted just 22 hours ago. https://www.onwardmobility.com/waitlist/ – Matthew F


Get yer ass out of bed, Chuck.

I moved over to my desktop computer and fired it up. A quick dash over to the web link.

And lo and behold … OnwardMobility, the company that currently holds the license to produce a brand new, physical keyboard 5G BlackBerry cell phone … has released a puff of smoke from its tower.

I quickly filled out the waitlist form. It asked for my name, my email and the name of my company. They asked for the name of my cell phone carrier and how many phones I planned to purchase (oh, I don’t know, one for now…)

Now what does this all mean?

It means that OnwardMobility is actually moving forward with this new phone design. Word has it that they’re first aiming the product at corporations and businesses, with consumers to receive options to purchase later on.

OnwardMobility’s calling this a “Pre-Commitment Plan” for the new BlackBerry phone. Fine with me. I’ll pre-commit to this.

All this time, I’ve just wanted a sign from OnwardMobility – something that says they were serious about building this new phone. Serious about providing a top-quality, high-security cell phone that is superior to whatever’s out there.

Okay, OnwardMobility … I’m ready whenever you are. I’ve signed up. I’m on your waitlist.

Please, let’s make this happen.

Pretty please with 5G sugar on top.