What’s Up in the Neighborhood, July 24 2021

Good morning everybody. Before I start today’s blogroll recap, I must give a shout-out to blogroll member and all-around good guy Rob Hoffman of The Hoffman Files, whose new book “Blind Spot” is now available for purchase or download on Amazon. Good on you, bro!

And after I pen today’s blog post, I have to drive up to Syracuse, bringing six artworks in tow, for the 2021 New York State Fair . The 2020 Fair was scuttled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so hopefully now that the photography category has been restored for 2021, things are looking up. Yep, it’s Drop-Off Day for Chuck. Road tunes and lots of Thruway snacks.

But that doesn’t mean I’m shirking my duties right now. I still want to showcase the works of the great bloggers and photographers and podcasters that represent my blogroll. And here they are.

Have a great weekend, everybody! See you when I get back from Syracuse! #beatthesyracurse