The answer is, “Your mother’s panty hose.”

I get a lot of these questions on Facebook lately. And they’re not from my FB friends, but they’re from responses that my FB friends have made to various questions posed by other FB people.

You’ve seen them. They’re questions like…

  • “What would I find if I looked on top of your fridge?”
  • “What was the name of your 4th grade teacher? I bet you don’t remember.”
  • “If you could only live for a year on a lifetime supply of the last thing you bought on Amazon, what would it be?”

These aren’t questions that are asked to stimulate discussion. No, these are often questions that are asked by nebulous FB companies who really want to try to guess your FB passwords, or to link to your account so they can send you advertising and other spam-junk.

It’s like the Reddit group r/askreddit, where people postulate crazy questions in the hopes of getting thousands of responses and increasing their Reddit karma – or, as is also the case, they’re using the responses to these questions to create clickbait listicles on other websites and news outlets.

But here’s the thing. At least 85% of these FB questions can be answered succinctly with four simple words.

“Your mother’s panty hose.”

That’s right. Look at the three questions at the top of my blog. And respond back with “Your mother’s panty hose.” And yes, they fit pretty nicely.

Just like … your mother’s panty hose. 😀

And think about it. It’s like the old adage that every the fortune in every fortune cookie can be improved by adding the words “In bed with me.” Or that every Emily Dickinson poem can be the lyrics to the melody of “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”

It’s fun and silly and naughty, all at the same time.

  • “Name a sad story in only four words.”
  • “What makes you smile without anyone else knowing about it?”
  • “What tastes good when you dip your French fries in it?”

That’s right, kids.

And let’s face it. Unless your FB password really is “your mother’s panty hose” – and if it is, you’re a freaky deaky, bro – this can be a snide little aside to the flood of intrusive, invasive questions that require answers that aren’t that important in the first place.

So yeah, have some fun with these nosy little navel-gazers. Niddle them with Nana’s nylons. Hee hee.