Full frontal nudity on Yellowstone last night.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I binge-watched the first three seasons of the modern Western drama Yellowstone. The show’s good, I’ll give you that. It’s got sweeping cinematic vistas, it’s got complicated storylines straight out of Dallas or Dynasty or Empire, and Kevin Costner chews the scenery every time he’s on camera.

Oh yeah, and because the show’s on a cable channel, rather than a network channel, they can curse and swear and show the occasional bare boob or bare butt on camera. And this show has bordered on full-blown Carlin, rivaling Game of Thrones or Doom Patrol for most frequent usage of barnyard expletives.

And speaking of barnyard expletives … I saw some of that last night.

And I warn you right now, I’ve got a video clip embedded below.

One of the current plotlines involves totally-out-of-place ranchhand Jimmy. After one too many attempts to excel on the rodeo circuit (and nearly breaking his back in the process), Jimmy is sent from the sprawling acres of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in Montana to a horse breeding farm in West Texas, the Four 6’s.

On last night’s episode, Jimmy is tasked with helping out on a new duty at the Four 6’s. Trying to prove himself as much as he can, Jimmy does what he’s told.

To the point where this happens. And trust me, once you’ve seen this, you can’t un-see it.

That’s right. You’ve heard about how champion horses go off to stud. You just witnessed what “go off to stud” means.

And I just saw that. Full-on horse semen extraction.

This is why I bet on geldings at the harness track. Oh, my.

Now, granted, I shouldn’t be freaking out about this. I mean, this is Mother Nature combined with Father Farmer. Horses can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in stud fees. So can bulls and alpacas and llamas and other breeding stock.

But I wasn’t expecting to see that in the middle of a television drama. Especially one where they listed the program at the beginning as Rated TV-M for mature language. Nobody mentioned anything about nudity. Not even full frontal erect horse breeding nudity.

I mean, I never saw any of that on Bonanza or Gunsmoke or even The Big Valley, for crying out loud.

But yeah, I just saw the breeding process, live and uncut, on a national television show.