The scammer who didn’t know where I was, but knew how to contact me.

I swear, these scammers and spambots and griefers are just flailing. Their goal is to try to get me to click on one of their scummy links, which in turn might infect my phone or my computer with malware or ransomware.

Case in point.

Last Wednesday – February 16 – I received a curious text message from someone claiming to be the United States Postal Service. Take a look at this, and see how many things catch your attention.

So … you’ve got a package for me … and you know how to contact me, since you sent me a text message … but you don’t know how to deliver the package to my door … unless I update my information … by clicking on a hyperlink that does not say on it? Did I catch all that?

All I’m saying is that you should definitely keep an eye on things. Scammers and spambots will try to steal your information the moment you let your guard down. And once they get your info, they’ll bite down on it like a hungry Rottweiler.

You don’t need that.

After I screen-shot that image, I blocked it from my phone. If you see anything similar to this, block it from your electronic devices as well.

You don’t need this kind of grief in your life.