Dolly Parton’s Choice

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently announced their nominees for the next induction, and among those on the nomination list were country music singer, songwriter, philanthropist and all-around nice person Dolly Parton.

Now you’re thinking to yourself … Dolly Parton, rock and roller?

Well, you could make a convincing argument that many of her songs have become big rock and pop hits – you know, tracks like “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolene” and “Islands in the Stream” and tracks like that. And she’s even covered “Stairway to Heaven,” in a version that even Led Zeppelin might appreciate.

And there are country music performers in the Rock Hall. Brenda Lee, for example.

But the one person who felt that Dolly Parton didn’t deserve enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall Fame …

Was Dolly Parton herself.

And she made her feelings known on Twitter yesterday.

I get it. Dolly Parton doesn’t feel that she’s “rock and roll” enough to be part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

She might get in there anyway; despite her request to have her name withdrawn from consideration, the ballots have already been distributed and many were completed and returned. And her argument that her name on the ballot would “split the vote” isn’t as strong, since voters can nominate up to five different artists / bands on their ballots.

But at least she graciously let her feelings known about the Rock Hall and their consideration of her entry.

Unlike the lead singer of another rock band who were inducted back in 2006, who made their opinion of the Rock Hall known for all.

Stay classy, Johnny Rotten.

Anyway, if Dolly Parton wishes to withdraw her name from consideration, perhaps we could persuade Ms. Parton to nominate another artist or band as an alternate candidate for enshrinement.

You know, someone who HASN’T received Rock Hall consideration, despite having amazing talent, a monster catalog, and a worldwide legion of fans.

So Ms. Parton … how about considering, oh, I don’t know, Grand Funk Railroad to take your spot. Or maybe the Guess Who. Or Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Or the Electric Light Orchestra. Or Styx. Or Boston.

Really simple. You step aside, and someone who hasn’t even been freakin’ nominated gets in.

I’m good with that.

Then again, if you do end up with a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame election, Ms. Parton … I hope you’re as gracious in your acceptance as you were in your withdrawal request.

I know that you’ll be more gracious than Mr. Rotten was. Just sayin’ is all.