Wait, Tubi has that (fill in the blank) TV series?

In the past, I’ve blogged about the Tubi streaming service offering a myriad of classic TV shows, including many that I’ve enjoyed in the past. Programs like the sitcom Soap, or the sci-fi adventure series Max Headroom.

Recently, while working on one of my art projects, I surfed through Tubi to find a program that could air in the background while I work. And hokey smokes, look what I found.

Holy crap, they’ve got old episodes of McCloud.

Let me explain. McCloud is a “fish out of water” police procedural that stars Dennis Weaver as a transplanted New Mexico marshal who fights crime in New York City. It used to air as part of the NBC Mystery Movie, a wheel series of 90-minute and two-hour continuing programs that had a waycool intro.

Now I haven’t looked hard enough to find the other segments of the old NBC Mystery Movie, but I do know that the Columbo episodes are streaming on the Peacock service.

But that’s not all. In searching for other programming, I found this treasure on Tubi.

Yes, they have the entire 14-episode run of the TV adaptation of the 1976 sci-fi classic Logan’s Run. And trust me, there were some great episodes of this series, it just was too expensive for its time. Plus, in order to keep the TV show as a sustained entity, it changed into a Fugitive-like program where the protagonists are on the run, while they stop and help people along the way. Plus, 12-year-old me could watch Heather Menzies for an hour and I would be just fine. 😀

So what else does Tubi have?

Holy crap, is that …

Yes, they have episodes of El Rey Network’s wrestling show Lucha Underground, the wrestling program that mixed lucha libre wrestling with mysticism and symbolism and was a helluva show to watch. Plus, many of the Lucha Underground alumni can be found in my current Wednesday night wrestling fix of AEW Dynamite (including Thunder Rosa, Penta El 0 Miero, Rey Fenix, etc.).

They definitely have an assortment of programs on Tubi. Including …

Holy Batman, Batman, they’ve got Batman on Tubi. All 120 episodes of the series. And you can watch from the original pilot episode all the way to the show’s third season of total campiness and pow zap bam action.

I’m telling you, this Tubi service is something else. It’s like there are hundreds of classic TV programs here that we haven’t seen in ages, or they haven’t appeared on other streaming services.

Oh, let me look here.

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Well, they’ve got this, like it or not.

Honestly, I tried to watch a couple of episodes of this recently, and it was just cringy. Then again, this was 20 years ago, and to see the feckless narcissism on display here … ugh. I suppose that if someone has to watch this program, it would be as a case study of where we were as a nation that we allowed a failed real estate magnate to proffer himself as an American oligarch, and how people would kowtow to his requests and ego.

But then again, this is Tubi. It’s got a little bit of everything, for better and for worse. And the crazy thing about it is … the service is free to view and download. So I’m good with that.

FTC Disclaimer: At no time did I request or receive any financial remuneration or benefits from this review. All opinions in this blog post are those of Chuck Miller and were not influenced by any outside sources.