K-Chuck Radio: Well, you’re supposed to wear green today…

This is the day where you’re supposed to wear green clothing; doing so avoids getting your receiving a pinch. This is also the day where you’ll see T-shirts that reinforce the faded stereotype that Irish people are drunkards and sex fiends – you know, the ones that say “Kiss Me I’m Irish” or “I only drink green beer today” or “Erin Go Braless” … you know, the classics.

Well, here at the blog, I’ve got a playlist for if you plan to wear the green. Literally. Wearing the green.

As in …

Blue is Green

Do you ever get the feeling that Miles Davis could take any track and turn it into a masterpiece? No, I’m serious. If he were alive today, and he heard that 1-877-Kars-4-Kids commercial, he’d turn that track into a 15-minute jazz excursion that would make everyone donate to that charity the first time that track was played.

Green, Green Grass of Home

Was I the only kid who heard this song, and re-wrote the second stanza to say “And there’s that old oak tree that I used to pee on”? I can’t be the only one. Of course, I was to realize that the “sad old padre” in the song wasn’t a baseball player whose team had been eliminated from the playoffs again, but hey, age changes things.

Green, Green

There’s still that weird dichotomy of hearing Barry McGuire, he of the “Eve of Destruction,” belting out lyrics to a corny folk song by a manufactured group whose lineage dates back to civil war minstrel shows. Just a little hard to wrap my head around, if you get my drift.

Little Green Bag

Kinda funny how this little Dutch rock song from the early 1970’s has turned into a rock standard due to its inclusion in the Quentin Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs. Come on, have you really heard the song PRIOR to that Tarantino film existing? Didn’t think so.

BOOKER T and the M.G.’s
Green Onions

All you need to know about Stax / Volt Memphis soul is that Al Jackson, Jr. is a master drummer. And “Green Onions” is proof of same. That’s all that must be said.

Green-Eyed Lady

This was the song that rocked the charts in the early 1970’s, but to get there, the band had to jump through several record company hoops, which were later chronicled into their follow-up hit “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You.” I’ve linked the nearly 7-minute version of “Green Eyed Lady” into this blog post, so just sit back and enjoy.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Sesame Street taught on so many levels. Especially when you take this song as a counterpoint for dealing with racism or homophobia or self-loathing, and finding something in your life that makes living important despite all the negativity aimed at you. What, you thought this song was just a cute little number about a singing frog?

Green Tambourine

Another 1960’s one-hit wonder classic. And from what I understand, once this song became a monster hit, the Lemon Pipers went from a garage band catalog to a run of trippy psychedelic tracks that were similar to Green Tambourine. I’m thinking songs like “Jelly Jungle of Orange Marmalade,” like that.

Green Fields

I know other artists have recorded this track – the Kingston Trio do a great version – but I wanted to add this vocal harmony treasure by the Beverly Sisters to the mix today. Plus, the image thumbnail has a green label, so it’s a double add. 😀

There. I’ve now included my quota for wearing green today. So I’m good. Nobody gets to pinch me. Ha.