Trying to align Nipper and a rainbow.

Man, what a miserable, overcast drive home. Clouds in the sky look like they’re going to explode in showers. And I’ve got the sun behind me, beating on the back of my car as I head into this murky weather.

Oh look, there’s the statue of the RCA Victor dog Nipper atop the former RTA warehouse – which is in some sort of transformation into either luxury apartments, or something, I’m not sure.

But wait … is that a rainbow?

A rainbow against Nipper?

I’m pulling over.

Rainbows only last for a few moments, and they’re totally dependent upon the sun at your back and the amount of precipitation in your front. If I can just line everything up in a sun-Chuck-Nipper-rainbow syzygy … and yes, this may be the first time I’ve ever used the word “syzygy” in my blog …

Let’s see.

Can’t shoot here. Too many telephone wires in the way.

Can’t shoot here. Rainbow isn’t at a proper angle.

This may be my best shot to capture it. Oh man, if I can get the rainbow to bisect Nipper … I could enter this photo in every contest out there and walk home with tons of silk.

Unfortunately … this was the closest I could achieve. And even in using every photo enhancement tool in my arsenal … I couldn’t get the rainbow any closer to Nipper without it looking staged.

Take a look.

I mean … there’s a rainbow, and there’s Nipper. I mean, if you use the slider there in the document comparison graphic, maybe you can make out the rainbow.

But it’s not even good enough to say it’s “just good enough.” And you know I don’t settle for “just good enough.”

So I’ll chalk this one up as a failed experiment. But I will keep an eye on weather conditions going forward.

You never know. That next rainbow could be just around the corner, when you least expect it.