Happy birthday to this blog and to …

Although I had furtive spurts and stops and starts with blogging, I consider August 25, 2009 as the birth date of this blog. 13 years ago today. That was the “Hello world” post 13 yeas ago – the blog was hosted by another entity, and transferred to an independent portal in 2017. And it’s posted new entries, consecutively, for 13 consecutive years.

Technically, I should start planning for a blog mitzvah.

But I thought about who else might celebrate a birthday today, August 25.

And that would include KISS bassist Gene Simmons.

And we can’t forget Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Elvis Costello, who had no problem proving that Saturday Night Live was really … you know … live.

And Happy Birthday to Rachael Ray, who can take the leftovers in your fridge and turn them into a 5-star meal. Just remember the EVOO and it’s all yum-o.

It’s also supermodel Claudia Schiffer’s birthday. She, like her one-time boyfriend David Copperfield, is a magician. He took one look at her and he turned into a pile of quivering jelly.

Also celebrating a birthday today – Rob Halford, the former – and current – lead singer of the heavy metal band Judas Priest.

Birthday wishes also go to movie director Tim Burton, the reason why we can have a Christmas movie on Halloween, and why Johnny Depp has a movie career outside of his run as Captain Jack Sparrow.

It’s also a cake day for Miley Cyrus’ dad. Who at one time in his life, actually had a performing career of some sort. An achy breaky recording career.

So all that being said … happy birthday to the Chuckthewriter.blog site. 13 years and still going strong.

(Oh yeah. And happy 59th birthday to me. Just sneaking that in.)