Now HERE’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover I’ve been waiting for …

Last year, I totally fangeeked over the Spider-Man: No Way Out film. The movie found a way to weave together the last three Spider-Man actors into one cohesive and totally action-packed film. This was no easy task. The original Spider-Man trilogy (with Tobey Maguire) was part of one thematic universe, while the Amazing Spider-Man films (with Andrew Garfield) encompassed their own thematic universe. And through it all, the Spider-Man: Home trilogy (with Tom Holland) found a way to bring both Spideys into this universe have it make thematic sense.

Now this can happen because Sony holds the rights to not only Marvel’s Spider-Man, but any characters – villains, civilians, love interests – associated with that character. This is why Sony can also make films based on ancillary Spider-Man characters – i.e., the Venom series, the Morbius movie, and the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse setup.

Another set of Marvel licenses were sold to 20th Century-Fox, which meant that Fox could make movies featuring such characters as the Fantastic Four and the X-Men – along with ancillary characters from those universes (i.e., Doctor Doom, the Silver Surfer, the Sentinels, Magneto, all that). Which allowed fans of the X-Men movie universe to enjoy Hugh Jackman’s performances as Wolverine, arguably the most badass antihero in Marvel’s entire catalog.

Because Fox also owned the rights to the X-Men films, they could make movies based on characters from that universe. You know, just as I said in the prior paragraph. With that, Fox gambled on a Deadpool film, and it became a monster hit. A second Deadpool film was greenlit, and it too broke box office records.

However, Fox was recently purchased by Disney, who holds the lion’s share of copyrights for the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. And prior to the Disney-Fox merger, you had some very interesting instances of actors appearing as two different Marvel characters in two different Marvel universes. Case in point – Chris Evans was both Captain America in the MCU and Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm in two Fantastic Four movies in the Fox Marvel Universe. You even had two actors playing the same superhero Quicksilver – one in the Fox universe, one in the MCU.

Heck, it seemed like the only character who could travel from the MCU to the Fox Marvel Universe to the Sony Marvel Universe without any problems was Stan Lee. Yes, I went there. And yes, at some point they’re going to integrate the Netflix Marvel Universe into this whole amalgamation – you know, the one with Daredevil and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and Iron Fist. You know they will.

With the Disney-Fox merger, however, we saw hints of Fox Marvel properties crossing into the MCU in the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where the Patrick Stewart iteration of Charles “Professor X” Xavier made a cameo (as well as an appearance from John Krasinski as Reed Richards, “Mr. Fantastic” of the Fantastic Four).

Well, yesterday, Ryan Reynolds – who played Deadpool in the two Deadpool Movies and in an X-Men film – released this little film as part of the D23 fan convention. You might want to sit through the whole thing.

No, seriously. The whole thing.

Hoo boy. The Merc with a Mouth appearing in a film with … Wolverine??

To be released in September 2024?

Okay. Gotta eat healthy, watch my blood sugars, and do some serious exercising for the next two years. So that I can remain alive to actually SEE this happen.

And if it stays R-rated. I mean, Deadpool’s moving into the MCU now, where he won’t be able to channel his inner Eric Cartman or make snarky references to why Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants.

But yeah. 2024. I’m so there.

Heck, if we get a Fantastic Four movie at that time, I’m so there as well.

Hoo boy. Time to make the chimichangas. Lots and lots of chimichangas.