Is the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train ACTUALLY HAPPENING in 2022?

I’ve waited patiently. I’ve waited through a broken ankle, COVID-19 and two virtual concerts to replace the real things.

But if all signs lead toward positive vibes, it is very possible that the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train will return through the Northeast – literally, not virtually or figuratively – for the 2022 holiday season.

And I’m seriously geeking out over this. Every little hint, every little news tidbit, anything that would give me any indication as to the train’s return and its route and dates.

Among the clues I’ve found is that when Canadian Pacific re-acquired the Central Maine and Quebec Railway, reports are that Brownville, Maine will receive a Holiday Train stop.

Here’s the link from Trains Magazine. And here’s a link from the Piscataquis Observer.

Then there’s a link from a Buffalo-based food pantry that the Holiday Train will travel through Buffalo this year.

Even cryptic clues from the Canadian Pacific Railway website. Check out this image.

See what that says? “We look forward to … visiting communities across the CP network.” That does not say “we look forward to virtually visiting communities…” This HAS to mean that Canadian Pacific is operating the train again. It HAS to.

Now if they’re operating for a stop in Maine and a stop in Western New York, they have to come through the Capital District. CP runs the train through their hubs of operation, which means they REALLY need to travel through Albany’s Kenwood Yard. Plus, CP has plenty of shops and operations locales throughout the Empire State.

Another clue. The train has to travel along CP-owned tracks for its route. It stopped running trains into Pennsylvania and into the Southern Tier when CP sold that portion of its rail line to another railroad. But during the pandemic, it acquired two other railroads – the line in Quebec and Maine; as well as a merger with the Kansas City Railroad, providing CP with lines into all countries in North America. So that could ALSO affect the eventual route – OR it could involve a third train that could visit tracks along the Kansas City-held route.

Damn. At this rate, all I can do is just wait and wait and postulate.

And wait.

And wait …