Assembling a greatest hits photo package.

In my effort to hopefully place one of my photographic pieces in a New York City art gallery (what a goal that would be), I came across a “Call For Art” page that uses a feeder website called (or CaFE). With CaFE, apparently I can upload whatever art I want to submit to various galleries for “calls,” and everything stays localized until it’s time for acceptance (hopefully) and shipment.

So now comes the challenge. Going through 15 years of photos and artworks and creations … all the acceptances and denials of the past, all the maybes and noways and holy-shits that longtime blog readers appreciate.

At the moment, I’ve added these four for starters.

Yeps. The View From Screven County, Five Tickets to Ride Day and Night, We Serve Wayward Strangers and After The Rain. And as I progress, I’ll add more. Maybe stopping at 10 total for now.

The others will most likely include my Milky Way shot Washington County 2:30 a.m., my old Kodachrome shot The Railsplitter, maybe that electrified neon sign Jesus Saves, or possibly a new print of one of my 3D images like Double Feature Family Friendly or Vivaldi’s Pond.

As you can imagine … I’m getting serious about this. Seriously serious. 😀

You see, at some point in time I have to move out of the county fair shows as my primary target. Not saying that I don’t love and enjoy competing every summer, but I need to bring my game to the next level.

And I took that step earlier this year by submitting artworks to the New Jersey International Photo Exhibition, with four of my artworks selected for show. The opening gala for that event will take place on November 6, and I can’t wait to get there.

Watchung is only 30 miles away from New York City. Which means that I’m essentially 30 miles away from my goal. And I’ll certainly take that.

Let’s definitely see how this all plays out.

I’ve got Watchung in November.

Will I have New York City in the new year?