Diesel and fall foliage.

The Adirondack leaves are changing from green to yellow to red. And if I find the right location … I can get something good out of this.

Yes, I’m back in Corinth. And yes, I’m back to photographing the Saratoga, Corinth & Hudson Railway’s ALCO-5 as it winds along the old train path from Corinth to Greenfield Center and back.

And you know me. I stay at a subject until I find what I want. Until I find that image, that capture, that holy-shit-did-I-get-that-image-all-by-myself moment.

It’s about 1:00 p.m. Sunday, and I’m racing up Route 9N to find a good foliage shooting spot. There are several locations along Route 9N that will do nicely, but either the leaves haven’t fully changed colors, or the trees are not ones for foliage change. Or the shooting spot doesn’t have much in the way of foliage to begin with.

Eventually I found a spot near the Corinth Animal Hospital. Let’s get ready.

Walked through the briars and the brambles. And just as I checked my location one more time …

I could hear the train whistle.

Okay, Miller, get your shot.

And I did.

The Autumn Rail Trail. Google Pixel 6 Pro camera. Photo (c) 2022 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Now that works. I’ve got reds and yellows on the trees, gold and tan weeds in the foreground, and that olive green ALCO-5 diesel locomotive pulling the tourists through the Adirondacks.

This will work. At least until I can create something else.

And you know what … the more I look at a photograph like this …

The more I have ideas for future photographs.

I’m kinda like that. It’s me.