So I want to see this movie about a man called Otto…

I’ve heard some tremendously positive buzz about this upcoming Tom Hanks movie, A Man Called Otto. Originally it was based on a Swedish film called A Man Called Ove, which had a very successful worldwide run. Here’s that trailer.

There it is. The story a widower who wants to end his life, only to be coaxed back to happiness by a neighboring family. Or something along those lines.

So when I heard that an American version of this film was scheduled for a Christmas release … and it’s starring Tom Hanks in the title role …

Hoo boy I have to see this.

You know … sometimes it’s not all about the big Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster or the whiz-bang action picture. Sometimes we just need a little story about life and humanity.

A Man Called Otto opens in select theaters on Christmas day, and has a nationwide release on January 13. I’m hoping that one of those “select theaters” is in the Capital Region.

This would make a nice Christmas Date Night. 😀