The politician who desecrated Anne Frank’s name.

It is through the written diaries of Anne Frank that we understand the horrors and pain of those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis in World War II. Those people suffered for no reason other than their faith. And for two years, Anne Frank – along with her family and several others – were secured in hiding from Nazi capture, until the day they were discovered and captured and sent to the death camps.

You’ve most likely seen the motion picture or read the book, maybe you even saw the play. Suffice it to say, the diaries of Anne Frank are the most heart-wrenching and poignant observations of war on civilians and war on Jews in the written world.

Well, apparently, there’s a sequel to this story. And – in keeping with today’s traditions – it was written by a Republican candidate for Congress.

Johnny Teague, who is running for Congress in a district that represents Houston, Texas, actually wrote a book in 2020, entitled “The Lost Diary of Anne Frank.” In this book, which Teague claims is based on extensive and verifiable research, Anne Frank continues her diaries while under capture in Auschwitz, and her words now claim that she had accepted Jesus as her lord and savior – before eventually dying in the gas chambers.

Let’s get one thing straight. This whole concept is pure, unadulterated horseshit.

What Johnny Teague has created is, at the bare minimum, putrid Christofascist fanfiction. It’s barely above the level of those who used to “ship” Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine in romantic adventures.

But it’s worse than that. Teague’s book reinforces the baseless idea that only by converting to Christianity can a Jewish person be saved. If only Anne Frank had found Jesus before arriving at the concentration camps. If only Anne Frank had found Jesus before the Nazis arrived at the safe house. If only Anne Frank had been a Christian, she and her family might never have suffered.

Again … this is straight-up repulsion.

Anne Frank’s words showed generations the true horror of war and occupation. We now understand what the Ukrainian citizenry deal with every day during the Russian invasion because Anne Frank shared her observations generations earlier. And for this kook Johnny Teague to appropriate the horrors of the Holocaust as some sort of trials of Job that Anne Frank had to suffer until she accepted Jesus … it just makes me sick.

And it’s part of the growing Anti-Semitic wave in this country. For those who say that “it can’t happen here,” well, guess what. Your neighbor just posted that Facebook meme about George Soros controlling politics. Your co-worker thinks it’s funny that someone hung a banner with the words “Kanye West Was Right About The Jews” over a freeway bridge. It’s knuckle-draggers at George Washington University who destroyed a fraternity’s sacred Torah by pouring detergent on it. It’s idiots at a Boston parochial school who shout “You Killed Jesus” at Jewish patrons at an intramural basketball game.

Antisemitism has no place in our society. And within Antisemitism is the concept of religious cleansing – that you’ll be saved so long as you reject Judaism and accept Jesus as your savior. Bullshit.

Anne Frank doesn’t deserve what Johnny Teague did.

It’s almost as if Johnny Teague killed Anne Frank a second time.