Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Chase, 2022 Edition – DAY 2: Albany in the Rain

The plan was to capture the Holiday Train as it passed the old Delaware and Hudson structure (the SUNY Administration building). It’s a popular shot for local train-chasing photographers, and I thought I had the perfect spot.

Well, I did.

What I didn’t have was perfect weather.

Let me put it this way. It was raining.

Not just sprinkles. Not just drizzles. It was raining so hard, Noah was looking for Black Friday deals at Curtis Lumber.

But I did not give up. For all my efforts … when that train arrived …

I got this shot.

That’s actually not a bad photo. I just wish it wasn’t raining. The rain got on my lenses (that’s that weird lens flare over on the right), and a follow-up photo shoot at an undisclosed Saratoga Springs location will just have to wait until 2023. Digital cameras don’t like water, and I’m not going to push the issue.

It just means that my third day of train-chasing – which originally would have been a “film-only” day – will now contain a mix of film and digital shooting. Simple as that.

But hey, I got this photo for Day 2. So I’m not complaining too loudly. 😀