“What are you doing on Channel 6?”

I received an email from WRGB newscaster Liz Bishop a few weeks ago.

Apparently Liz found one of my old blog posts and wanted to talk to me.

No, not this one.

It’s actually THIS one. It’s an article I originally wrote for Rugby magazine in 1993, and reblogged it in 2011. It’s about the arrival of the South African national rugby team (the Springboks), who played a game at Bleecker Stadium in Albany – in the middle of raging and vocal protests about South Africa’s endorsement of state-sponsored apartheid.

She contacted me, asking if I would be interested in participating in an interview regarding the event. Seems WRGB still had filmed footage of the 1981 game (as well as a second contest held in Glenville a few days later), and were using it for a retrospective piece – part of their “WRGB 6 Rewind” documentary series.

Sure. I agreed. Why not?

I arrived at WRGB’s Balltown Road studios, Liz Bishop welcomed me into the building, and I talked – on camera – about the rugby game, the political upheavals at the time, and all that it encompassed. The interview is scheduled to air tonight during WRGB’s newscasts, so if you’re able to tune in, definitely give it a watch. And if it does show up on YouTube, I’ll link it to the blog.

A personal note. As we walked through the WRGB corridors to the back parking lot, we walked through a large studio space. I looked up at one of the walls – there was an old Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association heart-shaped illuminated sign. I remember that sign – the more light bulbs lit on the sign, the more money donated to the cause.

And then it came to me. This was the same area of the station where, 40 years ago, my high school whomped three other high schools on WRGB’s show Answers Please. “I think we were set up over here,” I said, pointing in the general direction.

“You’re right,” she said to me. “And over here” – she pointed to the other side of the studio space – “we had two bowling lanes set up for our TV Tournament Time broadcasts.”

Damn. Flashback city.

Anyway … please consider watching tonight’s WRGB retrospective of their coverage of the 1981 South African Springboks rugby game and the political unrest it caused in the area.

And hopefully your TV set won’t melt when my face shows up on the screen. 😀