The Future View-Master® Projects

Several years ago, I used my film cameras to create dual photos for a custom-produced View-Master® reel. It was – for all intents and purposes – okay.

But you know me. I don’t work well with “Okay.”

So in 2023, I’ve decided that this will be the year that Chuck builds some custom View-Master® reels. All the reels – created by Retroviewer USA – will feature my Nikon Df dual setup, and will feature seven paired images based on themes.

And I’ve already got my subjects in gear. The tentative subjects for 2023 will include:

  • CANADIAN PACIFIC HOLIDAY TRAIN – These are based on the shots from my 2022 Holiday Train Chase. And it’s the reason why I purchased a second Nikon Df camera – so that I could create this kind of digital stereoscopy.
  • THE COVERED BRIDGE SERIES – I’m thinking about a reel (or two reels) featuring the covered bridges of New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Quebec and others. Let’s see. Rexleigh in Washington County, Copland in Saratoga, Paper Mill in Bennington, that’s three already.
  • THE ALBANY SERIES – I think it would be really snazzy to create a reel that featured Albany iconography – the Empire State Plaza, the Capitol, Nipper, the Palace Theater, Washington Park, all of that.
  • THE SARATOGA, CORINTH & HUDSON RAILWAY – I’ve gotten some great shots of the SC&H in the fall; a few more will make for a great reel.
  • THE HAMILTON COLLEGE SERIES – Why not create a reel that features the buildings and statues and iconography of my alma mater? I’ve already got two 3D images (the Chapel and Alexander Hamilton’s statue), so all I need are five more shots.
  • A DAY AT SARATOGA – I don’t know if there’s ever been a stereoscopic reel at the flat track. There will be one when I’m finished.
  • THE ALBANY PATROONS – You know what? I’m definitely thinking a disc of the Patroons in game action – with dunks and fast breaks and all that – would look amazing.

See, here’s the thing. I’ve tried to create an award-winning 3D image for the better part of several years. I’ve shot with Loreo beamsplitter lenses, I’ve shot with NIMSLO and Trio3D film cameras, and I’ve even tried two side-by-side shots with a pair of Nikon EM cameras. And while each attempt has provided some sort of success … it’s not the true success I want.

Let’s see if these projects improve my success. We shall see.

NOTE: View-Master® is a registered trademark owned by Mattel.  All rights reserved.  The Stereo Viewing Master Discs created from my photographs, while compatible with vintage Sawyer’s and GAF View-Master® viewers, were not produced by either Mattel or View-Master®.

FTC NOTICE: At no time did I receive, nor request, any special discounts or considerations with regard to referencing this project in my blog.