Leave the tip jar on the coffin lid.

You may not know Lynette Hardaway by that name. But if I told you she was “Diamond” of the conservative political commentators “Diamond and Silk,” you would immediately feel the creepiness.

Hardaway and her partner Rochelle Richardson (“Silk”) spent the past six years not only supporting Donald Trump, but also supporting all of his arguments and concepts. They also were ardent COVID-19 deniers and promoted quack vaccine remedies on their site. You would think their last names were Diamond and Silk Ivermectin.

Suffice it to say that Diamond and Silk were more like zircon and dacron.

Well, Diamond passed away earlier this week – at age 51 – from COVID-19.

The irony is not lost here.

Also not lost? Silk’s social media response to Diamond’s death.

That’s right … donate your hard-earned cash to the memory of a COVID-19 denier who died from COVID-19.

And I want to add something for those who are reading my blog and see this post, and who immediately call me callous and heartless for mocking this woman’s death.

Let me say this. Her partner Silk is already accepting donations for some skeevy claim of honoring legacy. She may as well have left a tip jar on Diamond’s coffin lid.

And while we’re at it, where’s all this pearl-clutching and moral outrage from you conservatives when Nancy Pelosi’s husband was brutally attacked with a hammer? Oh, aren’t you the same ones who took that spurious claim of “Oh, Paul Pelosi was in his underwear and his gay lover beat him with a hammer” horseshit and ran with it like it was the last leg of the Belmont stakes? Even though the whole story of the gay lover and the underwear were total fabricated horseshit, you guys kept promoting it because it was a dig at Nancy Pelosi, which as far as you’re concerned is all well and good?

Yeah. Thought so.

If anything, I think Diamond and Silk both got caught up in the Trump psychosis. It’s an insipid poison that infects the mind as well as the heart. And so long as the anti-vaxx COVID propaganda put money in Diamond and Silk’s purses, they’d keep going no matter what.

If there’s nothing else we’ve learned from this … let this be the most important. COVID-19 is still here. It can still kill you. Get vaccinated. Get your boosters. Keep your boosters updated. DO NOT FUCK WITH THIS VIRUS, IT DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR POLITICAL PARTY OR YOUR SOCIAL STATUS.

Lynette Hardaway should have known this.

Unfortunately, Diamond didn’t care.