Season 3 is coming. This is the way.

I’m what you would call a medium-level Star Wars fan. I’ll see the movies on opening night (all eleven of them so far, I count Solo as part of the canon), and some of the TV shows. I haven’t really gotten into the animated Star Wars universe – maybe at some point I can binge-watch Clone Wars and Rebels, but that’s for another day.

However, I have definitely been digging The Mandalorian. Besides the fact that it’s a way-cool take on what would essentially be a sci-fi Western mixed with a little 1960’s Clint Eastwood ethos (and a whole lot of the Japanese TV series Lone Wolf and Cub), the show has everything I would want in a Star Wars product. Action, adventure, sweeping stories, toy-ready characters that aren’t too annoying, all of that.

Last night, the trailer for the third season of The Mandalorian (4th season if you consider The Book of Boba Fett one of the seasons) just dropped. Hoo boy does it look exciting.

Apparently at this point in time, the Mandalorian – Din Djarin – and the Child – Grogu (I think he’s too old to be called “Baby Yoda” any more) are off to the Mandalore home world, where apparently the Mandalorian has to atone for his sins (being a Mandalorian means you don’t take off your armor and show your face, and he’s done that a few times in this series). Now whether or not there are appearances by other major characters in the Star Wars universe remains to be seen – they did bring Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett into the show in the second season, and I thought I saw an R5-D4 that previously only existed as an original Kenner toy – but at this point in time, I’m good with new episodes in any way, shape or form.

To be totally honest and up-front, I only acquired a Disney+ subscription because I heard that The Mandalorian was going to be a major factor in the Star Wars universe. And it kinda has – from the original reveal of Grogu in the first episode, to the appearances of other peripheral characters and properties that were previously in the animated shows – Ahoska Tano, for example, and the Darksaber as well – the new season could have the potential for some major reveals and surprises.

Not sure who they would bring in for surprises … I doubt Harrison Ford would play Han Solo one more time, although I wouldn’t mind seeing a Chewbacca or a C-3PO appearance. Even a glimpse.

The new season of The Mandalorian premieres on Wednesday mornings, beginning March 1st.

This is definitely the way.