George Santos and Sapphire.

If you have not read this news article from the Oyster Bay, New York website Patch, read it now. Seriously. Read it now. Here’s the link.

Ugh. This story makes my blood boil.

In one fell swoop, George Santos – or Anthony DeVolder – or whatever his name is this week – told a homeless Navy veteran that Santos’ dog charity could raise the necessary $3,000 to surgically remove a cancerous tumor from the Navy vet’s dog Sapphire. The money was raised through GoFundMe, but when it came time for the surgery, Santos put up roadblocks to the cure – then pocketed the money. Sapphire would never receive the life-saving surgery, and suffered painfully until a more humane Good Samaritan paid for Sapphire’s euthanasia.

George Santos scammed a veteran. And used a health-compromised service dog to scam money.

Totally on brand for a now-serving member of Congress.

Seriously. What kind of soulless person do you have to be to do this? Because not only are you scamming a homeless Navy veteran, you’re using his service dog as some sort of emotional heart-yanker to garner money in donations – which never went to the intended recipient.

And this has a ripple effect. When shit like this happens, it makes donors to animal rescue charities more reluctant to donate. I mean, how do they know their money is going to save a dog or cat in need?

Then again, it also sends a message. Lie, cheat, steal, swindle, grift, and whatever chicanery or bullshit you endorse or engage in, you’ll receive no punishment. Heck, you can sit in Congress AND get a seat on the Small Business Committee for your efforts.

Ugh. Just straight-up UGH.

Sapphire deserved better than this.

And George Santos made sure she never received it.