What’s Up in the Neighborhood, February 25 2023

Good morning, my wonderful blog readers. I hope you’ve got good plans for the weekend, and are ready for a great break from the working week.

And I have fantastic news from two of my blogroll friends. J. Eric Smith’s new book, “Side by Side in Eternity,” is now available for purchase. The book, a study of those who are buried in adjoining military graves, can be purchased through this publishing house’s link.

And Heather Fazio, she of the “Girl Gone Smart” blog, recently published her newest book, “Magic and Whiskers,” which is available as an ebook on Amazon at this link.

Much congratulations to my fellow bloggers!

And now, as always, this is the day where I step back from my blog and share instead the blogs and podcasts and photos of those on my personal blogroll. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend, everybody!