It’s not Lou Reed … and it’s not Jefferson Airplane, either.

So last week, I penned a K-Chuck Radio blog post about artists and bands who use a similar name or nickname as other more famous artists or bands. You know, this blog post.

Well, apparently … I missed one. And it’s a doozy.

See, there was an Australian garage band in the 1960’s who took their name from the 1963 book by Michael Leigh that described what was then alternate and unorthodox carnal practices at the time.

This book.

The Velvet Underground, written by Michael Leigh. Macfadden Books, 1963.

The Velvet Underground was clear and unflinching about what was then the growing sexual revolution. Key parties with orgies. Bondage and domination. Sado-masochism. Something more than just married heterosexual copulation in the missionary position.

So anyways … in New York City, a group fronted by Lou Reed released several different acclaimed rock albums under that name. You know that Velvet Underground. The ones that sang “I’m Waiting For the Man” and “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and others.

This blog post is not about THAT Velvet Underground.

This Velvet Underground was an Australian band who also took their name from the michael Leigh text. They would generate one hit in their homeland – one 45 RPM single that is a halfway-decent garage rocker. And it’s a cover of the Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love.”

Here it is. Take a listen.

Well now. This is a bit of a surprise.

This Australian Velvet Underground never recorded again, their bandmembers splintering off to other pursuits. But boy oh boy, the one track they did create was – well, it wasn’t half bad.

I mean, it’s no Velvet Underground and Nico, but then again, what is? 😀