Week 4 of the Graney’s Stout 2016 Summer Trivia League

Some housekeeping business first.  Although this is only the fourth week in the 12-week tournament, it’s the last trivia game in the Trivia League schedule before Saturday’s Summer Bowl VII.  Yep, the mid-season championship of trivia is coming up this Saturday at the Pearl Street Pub (the former Jillian’s), show up at 1pm, questions start at 2pm.  Tap This is the current (and two-time) champion of Summer Bowl, and there will be many teams from across the Capital District that will try to wrest the Silver Shaker Award from their clutches.

Let the best team win.

Now let’s get back to the Summer Trivia League at Graney’s Stout.

This week’s questions were tough but answerable, as teams garnered plenty of points.  And I had an extra guest at my table this week – Sim, the captain of the Stern Fans team, joined me for the night (his teammates had other commitments).

Now normally, when someone guesses in a game of trivia, the guess isn’t correct.  But the luck of the whatever-nationality-it-is was with us, as we guessed certain answers and they came out with wins.

We guessed that the actress who was nominated for a Golden Globe in the early 2000’s at the age of eight was Dakota Fanning.  Correct guess.

We guessed that the British actor playing opposite Meryl Streep in the biopic Florence Foster Jenkins was Hugh Grant.  Another correct guess.

And we guessed the double-bonus correctly – the city of origin for UPS and the city where it is currently located (Seattle, Atlanta).

Six teams fighting for the lead.  One final question.  The Olympics.

We had 130 points, and we put thirty in the ante.  Right answer, we’d have 160 points and I would give eight raffle tickets – one ticket for every ten points earned – to Sim.  Wrong answer, we’d have 100 points and I would give five raffle tickets to Sim.

“Who was the last country, other than the United States, to win the Olympic gold medal in men’s basketball?”

I don’t know why, but I thought it might be Brazil.  It wasn’t the Soviets or the Lithuanians or the Spaniards, and all I could think of was Brazil winning games at the Olympics.

Handed the slip in.

Nobody else said Brazil, but the general consensus was either Argentina or Spain.

The correct answer… was Argentina in 2004.

Two teams got it right – the Dans and the Fists.  Woo Hoo a Go Go bet a tiny amount, while Nacho Punch bet everything – and wiped out again.  And that punched the Nachos below the dreaded cut line for the final prize money.

Okay, new totals are listed below.  How did your team do this week?

Graney’s Stout Trivia League Standings
Summer 2016
Week 4 of 12
Trivia Team Week 3
1 Dan 2014: Beyond Danderdome 270 669
2 The Fist 144 484
3 Woo Hoo a Go Go 134 404
4 Street Academy 100 273
5 Nacho Punch 0 224
6 Stern Fans 166
7 Team Squirtle 80 140
8 Team Bob 96
9 Team Minority Report 84
10 The Dude Abides 60
11 Team Eleven 48
12 You’re the Kilt to My Bagpipes 42
13 The Flying Brains ?? ??

Four weeks down … eight weeks to go.