“I know you and I know that bag!”

So I’m still working on my GLF Quality embroidered burlap bag, and hopefully I can get it done in time for entry into Competition Season 2018.  Maybe even find a way to break the #syracurse with it.

But embroidery is one thing.  Now I have to figure out the taxidermy part of the project – stuffing it and mounting it.

You know what this means, kids.  Another trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Now Jo-Ann has several products I could use to stuff this burlap bag – and since the bag’s size is approximately 24″ x 36″, I could use some foam sheets … or I could use some fiber-fill … or I could use some styrofoam beans and make this a bean bag pillow…

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

And as I’m looking through the various options, I swear … of all the things I could have heard yesterday… I never expected to hear this.

“I know you!”


“You’re Chuck Miller!”


“And I know that bag!!”

Turns out … to my utter surprise … I got spotted by one of my blog readers.

That’s right … one of you spotted one of me.

The blog reader – her name is Susan – told me about how much she enjoyed my blog and the various topics I write about.  This was very surprising – and honestly, I was very flattered.

“I especially like when you do blogs about your crafts and projects, since I’m a very craft-minded person.”

“Okay, maybe you cna help me.  What can I do about displaying and mounting and stuffing this GLF Quality burlap  bag project?”

She recommended that if I want to hang and display the bag, I should go to the curtain rods and hardware aisle and purchase some “cafe clips” – they’re little rings that snap to the top of your fabric and can be threaded through a curtain rod for easy display and enjoyment.

Never thought of that.

I thanked her for the tip, and headed over to the curtain hardware aisle at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

“I really do enjoy your blog,” she said.  “But there’s one thing …”

“And that is?”

“You really need to smile more.  You don’t smile enough.”

Well, Susan, let me say this… if I can get this GLF Quality burlap art project to earn a nice stripe of silk this year…

I’ll be smiling like the Joker in a Batman movie.

And here … we … go… 😀