The results of Work of Art 2019

So after four ribbons, three of them blue – it’s time to see if my macro photograph After the Rain can hold its own in a full gallery show.

And last night … it had its chance, as one of 35 artworks in the 2019 Work of Art gallery fundraiser for the Albany Institute of History and Art.

And I think to myself … what a long, winding journey my artwork has taken over the decade.  Starting out with a Nikon Coolpix 800 and thinking that was top of the line … moving to a D70, then a D700 and my current Df … and adding a Kodak and a Leica and a Rollei and a Krasnogorsk and a few other compounds here and there …

And all the detractors along the way, those who told me my photography was crap, those who told me that my work wasn’t fit to show … and through county fairs and photography club shows, I learned what it took to improve what I could do.  And now, my triple-blue of After the Rain is alongside other fantastic paintings and metalworks and watercolors … all with a goal of raising some cash for the Albany Institute of History and Art.

And look, it’s over here on the wall.

Dang that looks nice right there.

Last year, my artwork Infrared Horizon 787 received a lot of looks, but it wasn’t until the final moments of the auction that it received a bid.

But that was not the case with After the Rain.

Because … it nabbed a bid right off the bat.

And not long after that … another bidder.

Holy raindrops on dandelions, Batman, I’ve got a bidding war here!

Okay, Chuck … walk away, don’t be a helicopter parent.

I ended up talking with other attendees – one person told me that his father was an aficionado of three-dimensional photography, and next thing you know, we’re talking about different techniques and the like.  Fantastic.  Another person showed me his metal sculpture, and next thing you know, we’re talking about Native American crafts and artwork.  Solid.

After a few more back-and-forths, the hammer came down and After the Rain not only sold, it exceeded the “retail” price.   This is awesome.  It will find a forever home.  I spoke to the winning bidder, who was absolutely thrilled to get the piece.

Much thanks to the Albany Institute of History and Art, as well as to the curators and organizers, for this wonderful art show.  And thanks for letting me be a tiny part of this grand adventure.

As for After the Rain – I have one more 11×14 print of this picture, and will most likely enter it in the 2020 Iowa State Fair Photography Competition, just to see if it can earn the never-before-personally-achieved “quadruple blue” goal.

Trust me, there are still some achievements out there.  You never rest.  You’re always learning and you’re always striving.

That, in the end, is the most important goal of all.