Chuck’s Best Blog Posts of 2019

It is that time once again … a time to recap all the adventures from 2019.  The good … the bad … the strong … the tough … the ones that are essentially Chuck.

Before I recap … thank you, my blog readers, for visiting my page every day.  I don’t know if I’ve entertained you every day, and I don’t know if what I’ve written has buoyed your spirits … but I kinda hope I did okay.  And we’ll see what 2020 brings.

But for today, one last glimpse of 2019.  And they include …

10. One of the reasons why I don’t do well at hospitals and doctor’s visits is that I don’t like bad surprises.  And during my second cataract surgery in January 2019, I received a very nasty surprise.  Or let me rephrase that.  I received a very na$ty $urpri$e.

9. There were many people who left us in 2019 … but I’ll most likely miss Sarge Blotto / Greg Haymes most of all.  The Albany music and cultural worlds lost a great man in 2019.  By the same token, the split between my father and me was so great, that he passed away in February 2019 … but I didn’t find out until June 2019There’s still part of me that has a burning, festering hole in my heart from it … but I’m used to being wounded and hurt by now.  He wasn’t the first person to hurt me.  He wasn’t the last.  He was just one of many.

8. It may not have won as many awards as I would have liked, but my splitfilm photo 88 Minutes in Chinatown was an adventure in photography – and in completion.

7. He won several races this year, and he SHOULDA won one of the trotter awards at the end of the season, but Mugshots Bro still earned me plenty of cash at the harness track.  So much so, that I was even able to get in one of the “finish line” photos with the stallion.

6. My macro photo of a drenched dandelion, After the Rain, takes silks everywhere it goes – a blue at Altamont, a blue at the Big E, a blue in Durham, and even a sale at the Albany Institute of History and Art.

5. Speaking of Syracuse … I earned my first blue at the New York State Fair in eight years, as my latch hook project Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry claimed that wonderful silk.  It was also my first blue in the arts and crafts building in four years of attempts.

4. My attempts at nocturnal photography – combined with the support of the property owners of The Old Game Farm in Catskill – got me these awesome shots, of which one will be an entry in 2020’s Competition Season.

3. It took weeks of planning and two days of execution, but I had fun chasing the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train all over New York State.  A photographic excursion that I want to improve on in 2020.  And you know I will.

2. When you win two national trivia championships with the Stir Crazy trivia team, you find a way to get them to join you for Summer Bowl.  The result?  My fourth Summer Bowl title in the past ten years.  No one else has won this trophy more than two times, and I have four.  Swank.

1. There is no better feeling than being at the Washington Avenue Armory and watching the Albany Patroons achieve their first league basketball championship in over 30 years.  No better feeling.  Do not argue with me on this.  Oh, I heard that the arena football team won their championship, but they didn’t have the mountains to summit that we did.

That’s 2019.

See you in 2020.