The “Trump Tape” in Georgia and what didn’t get redacted

A piece of prior information. In the past, at least one of my blog commenters has tried to sneak in the name of the government whistleblower who brought to light Donald Trump’s “perfect” Ukrainian phone call. You know, the one where he asked the leader of Ukraine to find dirt on Joe Biden and/or Hunter Biden in exchange for U.S. government and military support. Every time he posted the name, I redacted the name.

And the reason why I did that is because a whistleblower who brings up corruption or crimes has the right to be protected from retaliation. It’s the same reason why child abuse hotlines reports are anonymous, in that it’s too easy to retaliate against those who report child abuse or neglect.

Okay, that being said … yesterday, Donald Trump’s most embarrassing tape recording came to light. And when I say “most embarrassing,” that’s including the Access Hollywood “Grab ’em by the pussy” tape.

This is the tape in which Trump begs, threatens, cajoles, threatens and begs the Georgia Secretary of State to find him some more votes, to flip Georgia red and declare him the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Because if he can flip Georgia, then perhaps he can also flip the other battleground states.

Well, apparently the Georgia Secretary of State had left a tape recorder active. And for the next hour, every step of Donald Trump’s election fraud coercion was captured on tape. And Sunday afternoon, the Washington Post released excerpts of the tape. A few hours later, we heard the whole hour-long broadcast.

This one.

The tape was provided to the Washington Post, who initially aired it on their website. The only editing they did was to bleep out the name of a person whom Trump had accused of scamming votes, of being “a known vote scammer,” in Trump’s parlance. “This audio has been edited to remove the name of an individual about whom the president makes unsubstantiated allegations.”

Well, they caught every instance of that person’s name … save one.

Between 4:10 and 4:20 of the audio, which was later ported to other news outlets, that person’s name was clearly mentioned. In other words, the Washington Post missed one opportunity for redaction.

And by leaving that one instance open, it now called into question the other parts of the tape where that person’s name was bleeped out. Ugh.

By the way, here’s a Snopes link to the whole story regarding that person. Essentially, the claim is that this person allegedly removed suitcases full of ballots. Which isn’t true, as Snopes clearly proved. But that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists and keyboard warriors from smearing this person’s name and suggesting that the person was part of some deep state cabal to overthrow Trump’s re-election. Ugh.

You missed one, Washington Post. And now that audio – with the name unredacted – is circulating throughout the newsworld.

Look, I get it. You’ve got the most infamous surreptitious audio recording since the day Rose Mary Woods wiped 18 1/2 minutes out of a Dictaphone. And I understand that you want to protect that innocent person’s privacy.

Just try harder next time, okay? Please?