The “pump and dump” of LGBcoin

A few months ago, I blogged about the new cryptocurrency LGBcoin, which involved the tie-in between NASCAR driver Brandon Brown and the muted oath of “Let’s Go Brandon” (or “Fuck Joe Biden”). Apparently this new cryptocoin was supposed to grace the livery of Brown’s NASCAR vehicle. And the announcement caused the cryptocoin to spike in value.

Well, get this. A few days after the announcement of LGBCoin and the sponsorship deal, NASCAR rejected the sponsorship, meaning that there would be no LGBcoin on the hood of Brandon Brown’s vehicle. And the coin – which prior to the announcement had a value of upwards of $570 million – is now worthless. In fact, Brandon Brown’s association with the potential LGBCoin sponsorship pissed off the sponsors he already had, and those sponsors – including ones that were on his livery during Brown’s first win – pulled their advertisements off Brown’s ride.

And as for LGBcoin … did you know that there was at least one Republican Congressman who may have had some inside information regarding the limited success of LGBCoin?

Yep. Madison Cawthorn, the Republican Congressman from North Carolina, posted on his Instagram feed in December that LGBCoin was going to go to the moon. That was a few days befoe the announcement that LGBcoin might get sponsorship with Brandon Brown in NASCAR.

Essentially … a “pump and dump” scheme, where the price of the cryptocoin is expanded to an attractive amount – then the parties involved in the cryptocoin sell their shares in the coin and pocket the money, leaving investors with worthless results.

And if Madison Cawthorn had advance notice of what was going on … he could be found guilty of insider trading. That’s the same kind of shit that put Martha Stewart behind bars.

And the crazy thing is … if only someone could have let Brandon Brown know that LGBcoin was worthless. If somebody could have stepped up and said, “Hey, Brandon, wait until you find out that those coins are worthless.”

You know … someone like … like ME!

I’ve seen this before. This whole “pump and dump” scheme involving cryptocurrency. This is the same shit that happened a few months ago, when someone tried to create a cryptocurrency based on the Squid Game TV show. And what happened? People invested in the Squidcoin, the organizers of the Squidcoin ran off with all the money, and people lost tons of money over it.

And here we go again. Another “pump and dump” involving cryptocoins, who played on the vile, base hatred for Joe Biden and willingly handed these cryptoclowns their hard-earned money. It’s another swindle.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you’re going to invest in any sort of cryptocurrency, don’t put it in Bitcoin or Dogecoin or any of these other goofy-ass coins. There’s only one cryptocoin you need.

That’s right. CHUCKYCOIN.

You can invest in Chuckycoin, the exchange rate is simple. Give me $5,000 and I’ll give you one Chuckycoin. You can redeem the Chuckycoin for any Chuck Miller-related artworks (a standard 16×20 print will only cost you 1/2 a Chuckycoin), and it’s a bargain you can’t turn down.

And trust me. The price of Chuckycoins is not expected to rise or fall, so investing in Chuckycoin is good for the economy. It’s good for my personal economy. Trust me on this. Chucky’s got a new car to pay off, and a few Chuckycoins will help in this endeavor.

But hey, at least I’m upfront with Chuckycoins.

Too bad the thieves behind LGBcoin couldn’t say the same. And that includes the elected thives as well.